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To make sure your use of the Actian DataCloud Agent is successful, here are some important concepts and best practices.

  • Make sure the agent is able to access your DataCloud account over the internet by providing your cloud account credentials and opening appropriate firewall ports (see Agent Installation). This allows you to use the Management Console to manage integrations and synchronize jobs with the agent.
  • A successful agent installation includes the ability to access data sources in the on-premise environment. This requires that access be given for local data resources, including permissions, credentials, and installation of any necessary drivers or clients.
  • No data is sent by the Agent to the DataCloud unless your design allows for it. Only deployed packages, logs, and job status details are exchanged. For this reason, the agent is ideal for handling sensitive data.

While the Actian DataCloud supports design in the cloud, the DataCloud Designer is unable to connect to your on-premise data sources. To fully test your design, use the on-premise version of Actian Data Integrator to design integrations destined for the agent. Talk to your Actian account executive to find out more. See Designing Integrations for DataCloud.