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Once you have installed Actian DataCloud Agent, you can use the DataCloud Management Console to perform updates at any time.



The Agent license automatically updates weekly. The Agent service and engine do not automatically update.

When to Update

The DataCloud Agent uses a local version of the execution engine to run integrations transmitted from your DataCloud account. If you have designed your integration using the current version of the DataCloud Designer, but your Agent is still using an older version of the engine, this could cause compatibility issues when it comes time for your integration to run on the Agent.

Best Practice

Update your Agent and engine whenever you schedule a newly deployed integration to run using the Agent.

Update Procedures

Before you begin the update process, make sure the computer running the Agent is connected to a constant power source (not running on battery power in the case of a lapotp). If the computer loses power or crashes during the update process, reinstall the agent manually. See Agent Installation.

To update the Agent service, engine, and license
  1. Log in to the DataCloud Management Console.
  2. Go to the Agents page.
  3. Locate your agent in the table.
  4. Make sure the version (listed in the Version column) is 2.0.0 or higher.



    For the original version of the Agent, you must first manually install the latest version before you can use the Management Console to update. See Agent Installation.

  5. Click the Actions drop-down menu and then select the appropriate option:
    1. Update Agent: Updates the Agent service and execution engine.
    2. Update Engine: Updates the execution engine used by the Agent for running jobs.
    3. Update License: Updates the license for the Agent to match the license for your DataCloud account.


You might need to restart the Agent service after the update. See Managing the Agent.


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