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The table below details browsers supported by Actian DataCloud.

Best Practice


When possible, use the latest stable release of your web browser to get the benefits of security updates and stability enhancements.

Internet Explorer 9Fully Supported


Internet Explorer 10+Fully Supported

Compatibility View renders web pages as Internet Explorer 7. Make sure Compatibility View is not active when accessing Actian DataCloud.

Mozilla FirefoxFully Supported

Using a beta version of Firefox is not recommended, as pre-release versions can be less stable than final releases.

Google ChromePartial Support

Google Chrome's built-in Flash player is not compatible with DataCloud Designer. Use another supported browser (IE or Firefox) for design work.

OperaNot SupportedActian DataCloud has not been tested using Opera.
Apple SafariNot SupportedActian DataCloud has not been tested using Apple Safari.
iOS and AndroidNot SupportedActian DataCloud is designed for use on a full computer. Browsers on mobile devices (such as those running iOS or Android) are not supported.


The following are requirements for all supported browsers.

  • Cookies, JavaScript, and SSL must be enabled.
  • To use DataCloud Designer, you must have the Adobe Flash plug-in installed.
  • Use a screen resolution of at least 1280×1024.
  • We recommend deactivating unnecessary browser plug-ins or extensions to prevent possible conflicts or instability introduced by those add-ons.



Shrinking a browser window below a certain size can cause problems for Adobe Flash execution in DataCloud Designer. If you see unexpected behavior, expand or maximize your browser window.


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