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Management Console

Contains details on using the Actian DataCloud Management Console, including scheduling, execution, and user management.

Designing Integrations for DataCloud

Gives tips for designing your integrations for efficient execution on Actian DataCloud or using the DataCloud Agent.

DataCloud Agent

Provides instructions for installing and using the Agent for executing integrations that require access to local or private network resources.

DataCloud API User Guide

Contains instructions and examples for using the Actian DataCloud REST and SOAP APIs to manage and execute integrations programatically.

Other Resources

Design HelpComplete documentation for the Actian DataCloud Design environment.
Actian CommunityOnline forums frequented by users of Actian DataCloud as well as support engineers and developers.
Contact SupportInstructions for contacting Actian support engineers directly for assistance with product issues.

About Actian DataCloud

The Actian DataCloud is an elastic cloud-based platform that allows for the design, deployment and management of web-based integrations/products. The platform utilizes Actian data management products for service design and the Actian process engine for execution.

The deployment and management of the data services are handled via the platform’s web services-based Application Programmer’s Interface (API) and the DataCloud Management Console (DMC). The platform is focused on data integration and analytic services, however it can be leveraged for any data centric service.

Why Use a DataCloud?

  • Speed Vision – Build a Service in Hours Not Days / Weeks
  • Automated Scale – Expand Service Reach Instantly (1 to 1 million)
  • Less IT Burden – No Server / Software / User Updates
  • Flexible Architecture – Change / Mix / Add Services / Infrastructure
  • Accessibility – Access / Manage / Report Anywhere
  • Measurable – Cost / Use Metrics on all Resources
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