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System macros are defined by DataCloud and are available for use in your integrations. The table below contains a list of these macros and the locations where they are available (either during design or during execution on DataCloud).



Execution-only macros are available when executing on DataCloud or using the Agent.

Macro NameDescriptionAvailabilityUsage Notes
ATTACHMENTS_DIRLocation of project attachments.Design and ExecutionAll project attachments are part of your deployed project. Changes you make to the files will not be saved or preserved for later executions. See Project Attachments.
EXECUTION_PATH_BASEBase location for temporary storage during execution.Execution only

Unique for each configuration; constructed using the IDs for the integration and configuration.



Location for project artifacts during execution, including files loaded into the Additional Files for your configuration.

Execution only

A subdirectory under EXECUTION_PATH_BASE.

Format: EXECUTION_PATH_BASE/integrationSpec

See Using Additional Files in DataCloud.

EXECUTION_PATH_WORKDesigned for temporary storage of files that need to be written and read during execution.Execution only

A subdirectory under EXECUTION_PATH_BASE.


PRODUCT_SKUInternal ID number assigned to the current integration.Execution only 
PROVISIONING_IDInternal ID number assigned to the current configuration.Execution only 
EXECUTION_IDInternal ID number assigned to the current job execution.Execution only 
USER_IDInternal ID number assigned to the user who owns the current execution.Execution only 



Changes written to EXECUTION_PATH_BASE, EXECUTION_PATH_HOME, and EXECUTION_PATH_WORK are not persisted between executions.

Testing During Design

To use execution-only system macros for testing during design, you must manually create and set values for them.

The following EZscript example checks for the value of the EXECUTION_PATH_HOME system macro. This macro does not exist during design, so you can set its value identical to that of LOCAL_REPO. This allows you to use your local repository and Additional Files interchangeably.

You can also create test versions of DataCloud system macros within the run-time configuration for your process for testing during design.

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