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Actian DataCloud Agent is a complete redesign of the existing Integration Agent and replaces all previous agent technology connecting to the DataCloud. Our agent technology allows downloads, installs, schedules, and pre-built integrations to run on the Actian DataCloud and through on-premise resources. Agent can also keep integrations up to date with any bug fixes or new functionality as updates become available.

DataCloud Agent allows communication through firewalls and runs as a service within Windows.

Jobs are accepted from a queuing system in the DataCloud. Users schedule jobs in the cloud or run from the management console, which are then transmitted to the agent for execution.

The following scenarios are candidates for executing an integration with the agent:

  • Database connections that require drivers (such as ODBC) or connections on an internal network.
  • Web-based services that are housed internally and not externally available.
  • Using source or target files that are located on an internal network.

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